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Committed to Quality of Life

As we age, meditation can improve our quality of life and increase mental, physical, and emotional health.

Studies have shown that meditation lowers heart rate and blood pressure. It also helps to decrease stress, improve sleep, digestion, and cognitive focus.

Live life filled with fulfillment. Discover what meditation can do for you.

During our meditation sessions, you can practice meditation while seated in a comfortable chair or lying down in bed. It can even be done when taking a walk.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Help to manage emotions

  • Stimulate the memory

  • Improve cognition

  • Improve digestion

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Increase energy

  • Improve sleep​


$50/30 min session 

$75/45 min session

$100/60 min session

Group sessions (min 5 people)

$15/30 min session

$25/45 min session

* Due to COVID-19 our In-studio Group sessions are limited to 5 people, require pre-screening, observe physical distancing protocol, and general sanitation standards.

Senior Meditation Programs for Senior Living Communities available (max 25 people)

$125/30 min session

$150/45 min session

$175/60 min session 

Please consult us for additional information and for multiple sessions package pricing.

Senior Meditation: Service
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